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Our Program Offerings Include

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Navigating Gender Identity and Expression as a Legal Professional

This CLE takes a deep dive into the term “gender identity and expression” and provides a greater understanding of transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse lived experiences. This program will also explore the ways in which gender identity and expression impact all individuals within the legal profession, including paralegals, support staff, and attorneys. Participants will then review the legal landscape for trans and non-binary folks, including novel language appearing in recent court decisions. The program concludes with concrete tips and suggestions for making your firm and individual practices more inclusive for all folks, regardless of their identities and backgrounds.

Previously approved for:

It Only Takes One: Understanding the Costs of Hazing to Your Organization and Each of Your Members

What does "risk management" mean to a multicultural/culturally based fraternity or sorority, when you're so different from the other groups on campus? In campus training and education, it seems like the risk is always framed through the lens of other groups and identities, right? Even if that's the case, no member of you organization can afford to be asleep at the switch! From leaders to individual members, everyone in the organization must remain cognizant of the serious risks that are present in every organization. This means you, too!

This training will present the most recent updates on risk management, including state hazing laws and legal trends that apply to ALL fraternities and sororities. The program will cover expanding legal definitions of hazing and increased penalties (both civil and criminal) for individual students who engage in misconduct. The program will also explore the possible reporting options when receiving and handling allegations of misconduct. Participants will then apply learned concepts through group discussion and hypotheticals.