who we are

Experienced educators, consultants, and advisors

TA Strategies was founded by Stevie Tran and Nathan Arrowsmith who met in college when they joined the same fraternity. Since then, Stevie and Nathan have collaborated to educate and advise corporations, fraternal organizations, and educational institutions on a variety of DEI-related issues. 

TA Strategies represents a culmination of more than two decades of experience in DEI education and training. At TA Strategies, DEI is our passion and our life's work. Whatever your organization's DEI goals are, let us help you achieve them. 

STevie V. Tran (she/her)

 Stevie is a nationally recognized speaker and author who has advised numerous institutions and organizations in addressing transgender and non-binary inclusion and developing policies on diversity and non-discrimination. Stevie authored one of the first articles on transgender inclusion within fraternal organizations and continues to educate and advise on this matter.

Rasheed Ali Cromwell (he/him)

Rasheed is a practicing attorney, speaker, trainer, and consultant. He regularly presents dynamic keynote speeches and interactive and engaging training sessions at colleges and universities across the country. Rasheed also regularly consults with and provides education to fraternal organizations.